Hotel Vouchers

Voucher is a document confirming the right of a tourist to stay at a hotel.

Company NDHOTELS L.P is a service providing company offering the opportunity of staying at hotels at 50% discount subject to purchasing the voucher.

The cost of a voucher is 1,240 euros. Vouchers of NDHOTELS give the opportunity of staying at hotels "NEW DAY", as well as at hotels listed on site, and participate in the marketing program NDHOTELS. The program can be found in the section "Marketing" on this site.

The price of a voucher, which is 1,240 euros, is payable to the company NDHOTELS L.P .The voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Accommodation at the hotel is paid by the entire voucher. If the stay takes place longer than the period covered by the voucher, the additional price shall constitute 50% of the price listed on the website of the hotel, and shall be paid by the tourists in the hotel. The difference between the price of the voucher and the cost of the accommodation shall not be refunded.

After registration and payment of the cost of the voucher to the account of the company, the voucher will appear in the office of the affiliate. The affiliate shall independently decide at what point to start to participate in the advertising and marketing program NDHOTELS. He/she will be able to use the voucher after it appears in the affiliate office.

Reservation and hotel search will be possible only if there is an active voucher.

Each affiliate may recommend registration and signing partnership agreements with NDHOTELS LP to other hotels. The partnership agreement with hotels is available at the site Subject to a signed contract, the hotel shall fill its online profile and participate in the program. Providing 50% discount of the room price of the accommodation listed on the hotel website to all affiliates with the voucher NDHOTELS is a mandatory condition.

At the same time, the hotel independently regulates the period of arrival and room categories, namely declares the availability of the accommodation for tourists depending on the season and the occupancy of the hotel.

Company NDHOTELS LP and, accordingly, the company's website do not hold responsibility for providing the services or amenities by affiliates; neither do they hold responsibility for the stay of the tourists who purchased vouchers through our website.


An example of the use of the voucher:

A registered affiliate pays 1,240 euros in a convenient way (out of which 1,160 euros are the value of the voucher and 80 euros are administrative expenses) to the company in order to purchase the voucher. After the money arrives on the account, the voucher appears in the office of the user.

When the user activates the voucher in her/his office, she/he selects a hotel from the list of affiliate hotels on the site. The user wishes to stay in the hotel for 15 days.

A suite costs 200 euros per night.

A NDHOTELS voucher is worth 1,160 euros.

The person who bought the voucher may be accommodated in the suite for 5.8 days.

That is, you may stay in the suite worth the value of the voucher NDHOTELS.

In case you stay in a suite for longer than 5.8 days, starting from the 6th night you will have to pay the price of the accommodation calculated with 50% discount.

The difference of the price shall be paid on the spot, at the hotel.

The benefit of buying an NDHOTELS vouchers is obvious: you will substantially save if staying for 15 days!

For example,

15 days X 200 euros per night = 3,000 euros

The voucher which you purchased gives you a discount of 940 euros.

The value of the voucher is 1,160 euros + additional payment with 50% discount 900 euros = 2.060 euros

The maximum length of stay for a user who bought a voucher in any room is 30 days.

The costs of food and other services are specified by the hotel when booking takes place.

Reservation and hotel search is possible only if there is an active voucher. Each user can purchase unlimited number of vouchers. To activate the voucher, the owner shall enter the details of the future user into the voucher. After entering the details into the voucher and its activation, it is not possible to make changes.