Frequently Asked Questions


  • • How many times can my order participate in the program and be included into the table when I invite new Affiliates?

    It can take place unlimited number of times.
  • • What does ‘timer’ mean when an order is placed?

    Timer is a countdown tool which starts when an order is placed and runs until a new personally invited Affiliate is included into the base table (qualification) for participation in the program NDHOTELS. When the timer finishes the countdown, the order is moved to the reserve table.
  • • Can I pay with coupons for the participation in the program?

    Yes, you can do it.
  • • What are coupons?

    Coupons are means of payment within the advertising and marketing program NDHOTELS.
  • • What is reinvestment?

    Reinvestment is repeated participation of an order in the program after its passing the base table.
  • • Can I leave reinvestment, if I fulfilled the obligations under the program?

    No, reinvestment is required in this program.
  • • Do I have to pay for a voucher to participate in the program if I am already an affiliate of ND HOLDING LTD?

    No. It is not necessary, as the affiliates of ND HOLDING LTD are listed in the base table of orders when a new user is invited to the NDHOTELS program.
  • • How can one become an affiliate in NDHOTELS program?

    In order to become an affiliate of the program, you need to register on the site and pay the cost of the voucher.
  • • What is the table of orders?

    The table of orders is a brand new advertising and marketing system developed by ND HOTELS LP for the promotion and implementation of the company's products.Tabular marketing ensures equal opportunities for the parties, but the advancement of each of them depends on their desires and aspirations. Details can be found in the section "Marketing" on the company's website.

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